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Kolomenskoye is the unique art, historical, architectural and nature-landscape museum-reserve.

It is situated not far from the city center on a high bluff overlooking the Moskva River. The estate was once a favorite summer residence of Moscow grand princes and tsars.  Today it is a popular public park and open-air museum with the unique monuments of Russian architecture of the 16th-19th century, some of which were brought from different parts of Russia.

Peter the Great's Cottage (1702), brought to Kolomenkoye in 1934 from Arhkangelsk region, where Peter the Great directed construction of the Novodvinsk fortress and Russian warships in 1702. 

The Palace Gateway (1673), the main entrance to the tsar's estate, above.

The Church of the Ascension (1532), included into the UNESCO World Historical and Cultural Heritage List, bellow.


available a tour of the Kolomendkoye /duration: 3 hours/ 

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